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What motivates:we believe:drives us:

(1) we are passionate about sustainable farming in a local setting... we believe that all consumers deserve to have the freshest most nutritious produce which is only made possible by local farmers

(2) we are passionate about collaboration... coming together in unison to build something better for the masses

(3) we are passionate about those who we impact... building a sustainable company that betters the lives of our employees and those we interact with.

Who We Are

We are a group of farmers committed to providing a sustainable organic farming platform for like-minded farmers throughout the world. Using our diverse and complimentary product line we hope to allow other farmers to collaborate and supply their communities with fresh produce year round. Ultimately local farming is about working with others in your community to provide consumers with a diverse offering of the freshest and healthiest produce using only environmentally friendly methods. This has traditionally been limited by local weather patterns and growing medium. We overcome these limitations by utilizing technology, innovative processes, and proprietary growing medium to optimize the growing pattern.

Our foundation is built on a proprietary medium that is specifically formulated to grow amazing gourmet mushrooms and is the best product on the market. Pasteurized for three hours at 160 degrees, our medium is contaminate free and will remain this way as long as the filter patched bags remain sealed. Bagged at field capacity, our pasteurized substrate is ready to use right out of the bag with a perfect moisture content.

After harvesting mushrooms, the mycelium rich compost is blended with organic nutrients to create a product that works extremely well with all other types of plants. This organic mushroom compost has been tested and perfected over many years to become the highly nutritious, mycelium thriving, well blended formula we offer today. Compared to manure, our consumers agree that our substrate is not only more nutritious and odorless, but it is also more moisture controllable.

Our History